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『 Title : Love on a Battlefield]
Tracks : 8
Feat : Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, City and Colour, Metallica...
Size : 47,2 Mo (8 tracks + Cover + Back)
Warnings : Z-Pocalypse
Special thanks to Des, she's the first one who spoke about this ship

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『 Title : The Exquisite Hunting]
Tracks : 9
Feat : Default, The Reign Of Kindo, Andrew Bird, The Vitamin String Quartet...
Size : 56,8 Mo (9 tracks + Cover + Back)
Warnings : Some strange allusions ?』

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The God Without Love [A Godstiel Fanmix]

『 Title : The God Without Love [A Godstiel Fanmix]
Tracks : 15
Feat : Metallica, Laura Marling, Three Days Grace, HURTS...
Size : 93,8 Mo (15 tracks + Cover + Back + Pics Spam)
Warnings : Spoilers for the ending of the Season 6 - Slight of Destiel 』

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Title : La Couleur des Aubes Tristes
Author : Seven Nana
Characters : Dean Winchester & Castiel
Pairing : Destiel
Rating : +17 for virgins.
Summary : AU. Dean is just a sound designer trainee for a movie... But when the staff caught an angel and show him as a freak from a circus, a strange madness fall over the stage.

NOTE : Still need beta's help. I'm absolutely not proud because I think this fic should be longer than that... But... Try to enjoy ♥ + translation of the title at the end of the text (it's french). Picture by me.

We all know that monsters are real. They look at you since the darkness, but also in the light.
The ghosts, the vampires and the werewolves were rooted out from ours horror books. The demons and the angels are not legends anymore.
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The Judas Kiss - a Supernatural Fic

Title : The Judas Kiss
Author : Seven Nana
Characters : Sam Winchester & Lucifer
Pairing : Sammifer, and many mentions of Wincest
Rating : +17
Summary : Lucifer knows everything about Sam, even his deeper secret. How can you lie to the Devil himself ?

NOTE : It's the second time that I wrote in english ! I would really appreciate beta's help ? Feel free to ask me my e-mail. I accept any assistance. Thanks ♥
The title was inspired by a Metallica's song. Click here to listen.

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Dont forget to visit the DeviantArt of the artist who made this wonderful pic' ♥
Title : Offer Me the Stars
Author : Seven Nana
Characters : Belle from Secret Diary of a Call-Girl & 9th Doctor from Doctor Who
Rating : G, I guess
Summary : A crossover between Doctor Who and Secret Diary of a Call-Girl, just for my pleasure and maybe yours ?

NOTE : It's the first time that I wrote in english ! I would really appreciate beta's help ? Feel free to ask me my e-mail. I accept any assistance. Thanks ♥

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Cruelle Vengeance

Title : Cruelle Vengeance
Author : Seven Nana
Characters : Hadès, Orphée et Eurydice, de la Mythologie Grecque
Rating : G, tout public
Warnings : Nop' (sous-entendus homosexuels si vraiment vous insistez en fait)
Summary : Une réécriture de la tragédie du couple Orphée & Eurydice, librement inspiré du clip Sunday du duo Hurts.
En un total de 255 mots.

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First fanart, but...

Hello everybody~

Oh yeah, it's my first fanart of Enma, the first time that I draw him, but I'm not totally proud... Oh, it's the first time, so...

Here, the Da Link

Parla Più Piano - a CozartxGiotto fst

Well, I'm too lazy to draw and I started a fic, but we don't know not many things about Vongola Primo and Simon Primo... So, for the CxG-Love, I made my first FST ! Hope you'll like !
Really... I can't stop listening to Parla Più Piano by Gianni Morandi and You are the Moon by The Hush Sound ! <3


『 Title : Parla Più Piano - a CozartxGiotto fst
Tracks : 9
Feat : Roberto Alagna, Nickelback, Eros Ramazzotti, Skin, The Hush Sound and others~
Size : 40.24 Mo (
9 tracks + Cover + Back)
Warnings : Angst ! 』
Note : Many thanks to darizard for those wonderful pics <3

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First BBC's Sherlock Art

Well... I think that I'm a real sherlockian-junkie ; I love the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's books, I'm addicted with the Granada's show too (Jeremy Brett is so awesome~)... Then, I fell in love with the Guy Ritchie's movie. And now ; I love the BBC's show named "Sherlock" !

But really, it's a fabulous show ; any fan of Sherlock Holmes can't miss this ♥ (And this new Sherlock is just odd and horrible, who can hate him ? XD)
And I'm a fangirl too ; an holsonian, so... I can't help me to draw a fanart with Sherlock and John... No, really, for every versions, this pairing is evident, isn't ?

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