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『 Title : Love on a Battlefield]
Tracks : 8
Feat : Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, City and Colour, Metallica...
Size : 47,2 Mo (8 tracks + Cover + Back)
Warnings : Z-Pocalypse
Special thanks to Des, she's the first one who spoke about this ship

This FST is mix between the show Supernatural, with Dean Winchester, and the show The Walking Dead, with Rick Grimes. 
Both woke up in the hospital, Rick because of his shoot, Dean because of a hunt. Both didn't know they will find zombies everywhere.
Rick is determined to find his family, just like Dean wants to find Sam and Bobby. But if Dean understands his colleague is a cop,
Rick doesn't know yet that Dean is a criminal and was supposed to be dead.
But is it time to catch a monsters hunter who can save your life?

Dead on Time | Akira Yamaoka

Wherever I may Roam | Metallica
[No more home, no more hope.]
...And my ties are severed clean
The less I have the more I gain
Off the beaten path I reign
Rover wanderer
Nomad vagabond
Call me what you will... yeah you will

Dead Man Walkin' | Lynyrd Skynyrd
[Winchester, the criminal & Grimes, the good cop.]
If I ask you a question, would you tell the truth?
Would you pull the triger if you were standin' in his shoes
Dead man walkin', I know what I'd do
If someone hurt my baby, I'd be walkin' too

The Battle of Evermore | Led Zeppelin
[The nights during a war.]
Oh well, the night is long,
The beads of time pass slow 
Tired eyes on the sunrise,
Waiting for the eastern glow

Sleeping Sickness | City and Colour
[You can only cry in the dark.]
And I'm afraid to sleep because of what haunts me,
Such as living with the uncertainty
That I'll never find the words to say which would completely explain
Just how I'm breaking down

Maybe Tomorrow is a Better Day | Poets of the Fall
[Where there's life, there's hope. Surely.]
This day will die tonight and there ain't no exception
We shouldn't wait for nothing to wait for
Love me in this fable, babe, my heart is in your hand
Our time is waiting right outside your door
And maybe tomorrow is a better day

The Space in Between | How To Destroy Angels
[The likely nightmare.]
Arms entwined in a final pose
Narrative drawing to a close
Still remain the things we couldn't kill
In your eyes I can see it still 

I dreamed I saw | Calvin Russell
[It won't end if they fight.]
I wept there where no one could hear me
I cried out "Who would have sealed my doom?"
When suddenly right there
Where my tear-drops had fallen
The great miracle of life
Made a small flower bloom

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any problem, .zip request, just tell me and I'll try to help you ;)
ps : comments are love !


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Dec. 28th, 2011 06:32 pm (UTC)
J'avais même pas vu que tu l'avais posté
led zep et how to destroy angels je connais, allons écouter les autres *__*
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